We are using EDX to transfer part property information from the Mentor Expedition PCB design environment to our Advanced Design System (ADS) high frequency design environment. This is part of an overall flow that integrates Mentor Expedition with ADS. It allows our mutual customers to design and simulate RF/microwave circuits in ADS and then transfer them to Expedition to be integrated into the larger mixed signal design.


We are working on an EDX-based data exchange from Mentor’s PCB design flow to Autodesk’s PLM 360. The interface will exchange new part information, BOM and variant data, as well as viewable files such as ODB++ and PDFs.  EDX enables a release-independent interface, so our customers will be able to maintain & grow their EDA tools independently from their PLM 360 deployment.

Class Technology

We are implementing EDX from Mentor Graphics to exchange Component and BOM data with customer environments. This interface will allow us to keep a real-time Integrated BOM synchronized between our ECObjects solution environment and the Mentor Graphics ECAD design flow. An EDX-based solution will ensure the data is consistent and protected as it is shared between systems.


expi is implementing EDX as the central part of our Mentor PCB solutions to transfer data like design content, manufacturing data, documentation, BOM between Mentor Solutions and ERP/PLM Systems.

Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics recommends EDX as the most efficient approach for sharing PCB library and design data within the corporate enterprise, ensuring data security and a release-independent format. We are currently incorporating EDX into our Expedition Enterprise flow with key use cases geared to sharing library, design, and BOM data with external systems.

Omnify Software

Omnify Software supports EDX for sharing information between our Empower data management system and our customer’s EDA/CAD systems. Empower provides built-in support for importing and exporting Bill of Material (BOM), component data, and documents in the EDX format. Using EDX provides a common format for data exchange, minimizes development efforts, simplifies our customer’s processes, and ensures secure information sharing.

Perception Software

Perception Software is implementing EDX as an important part of our EDAConnect solution for Mentor Graphics PCB solutions. EDAConnect provides a collaborative release to PLM solution enabling efficient publishing of BOM and engineering data while providing timely access for engineering to enterprise supply chain cost data. Utilizing EDX will provide a common language for enterprise collaboration improving the security, and scalability for our customers.


PTC is currently working on EDX-based integrations between PTC Windchill and the Mentor Graphics ECAD suite, including their DMS, EDM, DX and EXP solutions. This will enable Library and Design data sharing via EDX, including process support for New Part Introductions and ECOs. With EDX as a common data format, the ECAD interface will no longer be dependent on the design flow version, enabling our customers to maintain their design tools more independently from the Windchill tools and simplifying the integration maintenance for our customers.


Siemens PLM Software uses EDX for sharing information between Teamcenter PLM systems and Mentor EDA systems. This not only provides EDA access to enterprise-level configuration, change, workflow, and variation management, but also connects EDA data to the rest of the product lifecycle through Teamcenter. For example, supplier management, cost, and materials management as well as integrated program management and more can now be applied to EDA information through Teamcenter.


The EDX integration of XPLM will provide an interface to a wide range of different PLM/ERP-Systems. It will create Bill of Materials (BOMs), provide manufacturing and assembly data, the design content itself and additional documentation.