PCB Flow

Benefits of EDX

  • EDX is a stable robust interface standard for exchanging data between your PCB flow and the enterprise infrastructure or other 3rd party solutions.
  • EDX will be independent of the version and data formats of the authoring tools used to read/write it, allowing the design tools to evolve without impacting data exchange with 3rd party solutions.
  • Integrations built using EDX will not need to be reworked with every release of the PCB design tools.
  • EDX utilizes industry standard neutral files like PDF, EDIF and EDX for viewable objects, to be used by non- ECAD tools.
  • Single file for exchange with the authoring environment: all design data can be exported via a single EDX Package.
  • The EDX format makes extensive use of XML Digital Signatures to ensure that the content of the file has not been changed since it was generated.  This is very useful when using EDX to send data to a contract manufacturer for manufacturing or review, if the signatures are still valid the manufacturer can be sure that the data set that they have received is consistent.

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